CHIMAERA Chronicles

This is the cover for the Table Top Role Playing Game CHIMAERA Chronicles. The line is the number in the current series of main core rules books which reads CCRC Book 1, followed by the name of the creator: Grummeh World Adventures. Then the Title if on the following line: CHIMAERA Chronicles. Directly below that is the the image of a Chimera placed on top of a shield. The image is used as the main symbol for the new game. At the bottom is the subtitle: A Journey through Aljanna, the world  in which the game is set.

Cover to Book 1 of the core rules books. 


Greetings fellow adventurers. We are Grummeh World Adventures. We are the creator of a new Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) called CHIMAERA Chronicles. It has been in creation for over 30 years and is the passion project of its creator. It is the dream that one day everyone can enjoy what his imagination has provided.

CHIMAERA Chronicles is still a work in progress, but each day it comes closer to fruition.

CHIMAERA is a fantasy based game set in a unique world (Aljanna) created using different experiences of the creator.